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Canadian Music Community Commits to Safe, Respectful Workspaces

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On March 16, 42 music groups, among them the Canadian Federation of Musicians, formally signed the Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct in demonstration of their pledge to keep their work environments free of harassment, discrimination, violence, and bullying. They have pledged to also improve and implement policies to keep the music community safe. To that end, the coalition of Canadian music organizations formed an Education, Training, and Safe Support Committee to provide appropriate resources and training. The Unison Benevolent Fund has volunteered to host a suite of web-based educational and training resources.

The announcement took place at the 2019 JUNO Awards’ Allies in Action event focused on initiatives to create safer workspaces for the music community. Because of the uniqueness of the music business, the coalition added the following preamble to the Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct (www.ReadTheCode.ca).

“We, the Canadian music community signatories, support the Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct. We recognize that in the music industry, the terms work, workplace, and work-related, are extremely broad and can include any physical or virtual spaces at any time.”

Canadian Federation of Musicians Executive Director Liana White says, “Canadian Federation of Musicians, as the union for professional musicians, is committed to representing and protecting its membership in all facets of their career. Signing the Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct represents the music community’s shared action toward creating a healthy culture with zero tolerance to all forms of harassment. Working to ensure health and safety in the workplace for our membership is one of the union’s many functions. We will continue to pledge our resources, support, and expertise and proudly sign on behalf of our over 17,000 active Canadian members.”