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ATM350a microphone

Audio-Technica ATM350a Microphone

ATM350a microphoneAudio-Technica ATM350a microphone systems offer crisp, clear, balanced response in high SPL applications. It’s available in six different discreet, solid mounting solutions for woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, drums, and piano. Able to cope with a wide range of powerful, dynamic sound sources, the ATM350 cardioid polar pattern reduces side and rear pickup and protects against feedback. Available systems include: ATM350U (pictured) clip-on with five-inch gooseneck, ATM350UL clip-on with nine-inch gooseneck, ATM350PL piano mounting system with nine-inch goose-neck, ATM350D drum mounting system with five-inch gooseneck, ATM350W woodwind mounting system with five-inch gooseneck, and ATMUcW with universal clip-on mounting system and five-inch gooseneck.