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2014 Annual Report Time

The 2014 audit is complete, and I’ve included some highlights from the Annual Report here. Members can access the complete AFM Annual Report by going to AFM.org/uploads/protected/2014AR.pdf.

Financially I am pleased to report that, for the fourth year in a row, the Federation has finished in the black with income outpacing expenses. However, budget expectations were not met because the financial growth, as set by the 2013 AFM Convention, fell short.

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Year-End Happenings

While I was using some personal time, not at Federation’s expense, I recently found myself in Phoenix with friends. Many of them were in attendance at a marvelous gig, which was held in a jet airplane hangar dressed out like a dude ranch. The almost unbelievable interior was transformed by the Emmy award winning set designer for Lost.

I felt honored with my back up band, The Herndon Brothers, part of which just finished a tour with Lyle Lovett of Local 257 (Nashville, TN) and the horn section board members of the local.

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