Divertissement Aspenois (For Unaccompanied Clarinet in B Flat)

Pianist Victor Babin arranged and composed for various settings. His “Divertissement Aspenois,” a virtuosic tribute to clarinetist Reginald Kell, may have been inspired by hearing Kell play Stravinsky’s “Three Pieces at Aspen,”where they both performed. Babin, former director of the Aspen Music Festival and dean of the Cleveland Institute of Music, wrote this unaccompanied piece for clarinet for British soloist Reginald Kell.
Divertissement Aspenois (For Unaccompanied Clarinet in B Flat),
by Victor Babin, Drapkin Music Publications,

Odyssey ‘Symphonique’ Eb Soprano Cornet

symphonique cornet

The new Odyssey ‘Symphonique’ Eb Soprano Cornet offers a silver-plated lightweight brass body offset with gold lacquered parts. It includes an adjustable tuning lead pipe and short travel tube to the third valve. To help you keep it in good shape, it also includes gloves, a cleaning cloth and oil, and a plush-lined canvas-covered wood case. The Odyssey Symphonique is lightweight and comfortable to play, even for musicians with large hands.

Like Falling Through a Cloud: A Lyrical Memoir

Published to coincide with Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Like Falling Through a Cloud is an account of acclaimed flutist Eugenia Zukerman’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Zukerman, of Local 802 (New York City), has written a work of poetry and simple prose that takes readers through her emotional discovery of confronting a frightening and uncertain future, all while maintaining a determination not to give up or succumb to self-pity.

Like Falling Through a Cloud: A Lyrical Memoir, by Eugenia Zukerman, East End Press,

Electro-Harmonix Crying Bass

Based on the Crying Tone wah circuit, the Electro-Harmonix Crying Bass pedal features a specially tuned resonance to enhance the wah effect over the entire harmonic spectrum of the bass guitar. It’s equally adept at adding funky filtering to a deep bass groove and pushing heavy harmonics for solos. In keeping with its bass-centric design, the Crying Bass boasts advanced features that create extra rumble and thunder. Fuzz adds a signature growl and helps to accentuate the wah effect, adding distortion and harmonics to bass notes.