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AFM Members Among Most Powerful Women in the Music Industry

Each year, BBC Radio 4 releases a list of the most powerful women in the music industry. This “Women’s Hour Power List” features women that are performers, business owners, musicians, and executives and have a strong influence in the industry. This year, the list focuses on women who have helped to make the music industry more diverse, creative, and accepting.

Ranked second on the Women’s Hour Power List of 2018 is Taylor Swift, a member of Local 257 (Nashville, TN). Her musical career has undoubtedly had an impact on young female musicians and songwriters. Marin Alsop, Local 802 (New York City) member, was also in the top 10. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra music director is recognized for being the leader of the OrchKids program, which provides educational music opportunities to some of Baltimore’s most deprived youth. She is also principal conductor and music director of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra. Singer-songwriter and producer Linda Perry, a member of Local 6 (San Francisco, CA), was also recognized.