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Minnesota Orchestra Extends Contract with COVID-19 Terms

Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra have extended their current contract for two years, while also agreeing to a 25% pay cut via a side letter. The extension maintains existing medical and dental benefits. The side letter, with terms to address COVID-19, went into effect October 1 and continues through August 2022. However, if audiences are able to return to the concert hall by fall 2021, without limits to audience capacity, the pay cut will be reversed a year early.  Overall, the organization is reducing costs by $5 million for fiscal year 2021. Music Director Osmo Vänskä is taking a 35% salary cut for the current fiscal year.

Musicians had earlier agreed in June to decrease their salary by 20%. Negotiations for the contract extension and side letter were productive and respectful. Minnesota Orchestra musicians are represented by Local 30-73 (St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN).