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Some UPS Employees Do Not Support Tentative Contract

According to Stephen Piercey, communications director for Teamsters Local 89 in Louisville, their leadership and the leaders of several local unions are opposed to the proposed five-year UPS labor contract covering 260,000 UPS employees. The statement comes after the leaders of 179 local unions voted “overwhelmingly” to move forward. The opposition is rooted in the starting wages and the creation of a new tier of package-car drivers who would work weekends and earn less per hour than current drivers. Though the contract calls for wages to reach $15 per hour over the life of the contract, Piercey says the rate should immediately move to $15. UPS wants to alleviate mandatory overtime and create more full-time jobs by creating “combination” workers who would deliver packages part of the week and work “inside” jobs. The pay for this new type of worker would top out at $30 an hour, compared to $36 for a traditional full-time driver.