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UNFI Drivers Join Teamsters

More drivers for America’s largest organic and natural food supplier United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) have voted to join the Teamsters. The 100 drivers who distribute food from the company’s Montgomery, New York, facility to Whole Foods and other organic, natural, and specialty stores in the New York City area have voted to join Teamsters Local 445. UNFI workers in Moreno Valley, California, achieved their first union contract earlier this year, joining Teamsters unions at UNFI distribution centers in Dayville, Connecticut; Edison, New Jersey; Iowa City, Iowa; Auburn (Seattle), Washington; and Leicester, Massachusetts.

Google Workers Vote to Unionize

According to Fortune, workers at Google Shopping Express have joined the growing number of Silicon Valley workers eager to unionize. The 151 workers voted to join a local chapter of the Teamsters union. They say that they face poor working conditions—lack of ventilation, low wages, poor benefits, and damaged equipment. They are also currently being hired by an outside staffing agency that makes them sign contracts that limit them to two years working with the company.

The local they wish to join, Teamsters Local 853 (San Leandro, CA) already represents some workers at other high tech companies among them Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo, which have a habit of showering their engineers and executives with high salaries and other perks, while low ranking workers enjoy virtually no benefits.