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Taxi Worker Alliance Responds to Uber

New York Taxi Workers Alliance Executive Director Bhairavi Desai responded to Uber Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy David Plouffe’s assertion on CBS that the vast majority of Uber drivers are part-time employees who don’t rely on Uber for their main source of income.

“This proliferation of part-time work comes at the expense of drivers already working full-time on the job,” says Desai, citing Uber’s model of having an unending number of vehicles. “If you only create part-time work, then you lower incomes, have unending competition, and fragment the work day and call that flexibility.”

“Workers struggling to make ends meet—something getting harder with more congestion and unending competition—shouldn’t be an after-thought,” he says. Uber has called US labor laws antiquated, seeking to abolish the system that has been built to protect taxi and limo drivers over the years.