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Philly Ends Transit Strike in Time for Election

Early November 7, Philadelphia’s transit system resolved a labor dispute with its union ending a major strike that threatened to carry into Election Day. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and the Transport Workers Union agreed on a new contract after a week-long shutdown. The looming election brought pressure to bear on both parties to hash out their differences.

Transport Workers Union 234 announced they had reached a tentative five-year deal with SEPTA that would still need to be ratified by employees. Pension plan, health care costs, and scheduling were the crux of the disagreement.

The workers’ contract expired at the end of October. Union members voted against extending any deadlines in order to force SEPTA to agree to a contract before people needed to get to the polls. When the strike began, SEPTA sought a court injunction to force workers back onto the job ahead of the election. That injunction was not granted. The agency would have made its argument again in court had it not reached a deal.

Jim Beam Strike Ends

On October 24, Jim Beam workers, members of United Food and Commercial Workers International Local 111D, ended a nearly weeklong strike at two bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. According to Local 111D President Janelle Mudd the main objections from workers did not center on money. “The final proposal includes many of the key elements that we felt so strongly about, such as equal pay for equal work, a cap on temporary employees, and the hiring of more full-time workers,” she says.