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Ontario Attorney General Says No to Scalp Bots

So-called “scalp bots” were the reason some people were shut out of Tragically Hip tickets, and it does not sit well with Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi. Now, he wants to do something to stop the scalper bot software employed by resellers to buy up large blocks of tickets locking out individual consumers.

“It won’t be easy; there’s no cure-all to stop criminals using a range of programs and technologies to make bulk ticket purchases, but inaction isn’t the answer either,” Naqvi says. The government must intervene to try and protect consumers, he says.

Tragically Hip fans were blocked from pre-sale tickets for the band, members of Local 518 (Kingston, ON), whose farewell tour came to the attention of the prime minister. Naqvi is consulting with consumer groups, entertainers, and colleagues in other big markets like New York and London, which also struggle to find a solution against the bots. The legislation is due to be introduced next spring.