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Maurice Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso (for oboe and piano)

alborada del gracioso

Oboist Elaine Douvas, of Local 802 (New York City), has transcribed Maurice Ravel’s work for solo piano, Alborada del Gracioso, for oboe and piano. Ravel’s Alborada is popular with audiences for its exuberant flair, its Spanish rhythms, and the mysterious, rhapsodic “Jester’s soliloquy” forming the middle section. Douvas’ transcription springs from her belief that a musician can greatly expand his/her tone, technique, and interpretive ability by playing pieces not written for one’s own instrument.

Maurice Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso, transcribed by Elaine Douvas, TrevCo Music Publishing, www.trevcomusic.com.