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Disney Workers Want $15 an Hour

The 38,000 unionized Disney workers remain without a new contract. Disney representatives have agreed the employees deserve a raise, but they have been unable to agree with the union as to the amount.

Currently, new Disney employees earn $10 per hour, but the union wants to raise average worker pay to above $15 per hour. Disney’s offer of a 5% raise over two years has been rejected by the union.

Auto Worker Raises Bode Well for Retailers

About 60,000 autoworkers in Michigan and 148,000 nationwide will have extra cash to spend this month and next as profit-sharing checks from Detroit’s Big Three arrive.

Workers at General Motors Co. will get the biggest profit-sharing—up to a record $12,000 for 52,000 eligible US hourly workers, including about 21,000 in Michigan. Last year, GM-UAW members received $11,000 in profit sharing-checks.  

Ford Motor Co. announced profit sharing of up to $9,000 for its more than 56,000 UAW members, just behind last year’s record of $9,300. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV said it will pay its approximately 40,000 UAW workers an average of $5,000 in profit sharing, a bump up from last year’s $4,000.

The extra money for workers is welcomed by retailers as well. While some people will put it toward home repairs, vacation, or college bills, profit-sharing checks can help with big-ticket items.