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US Postal Workers Support Canada Post Workers

About 50 members of the American Postal Workers Union and National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) gathered in front of Canada’s Washington, DC, embassy to protest the Trudeau government’s decision to force the Canadian workers back to work. A dispute over wages, benefits, and job security for the Canada Post workers culminated with a series of temporary rotating walkouts that began in October and continued into the busy holiday season. Ottawa passed legislation in November that required workers to resume their duties and appointed a mediator to arbitrate an end to the dispute.

“The collective bargaining process is a foundation of every union,” says NALC Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe. “We’re fighting for our collective bargaining rights here that are under attack; they’re doing the same thing. I think all they want is a fair process, and we’re here to stick with them in solidarity.”

Postal Workers’ Union Alleges Canada Post Union-Bustin

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has alleged that Canada Post is union-busting, having dropped its contract with the unionized temp agency that had been staffing its parcel intake plants. When a unionized company is sold or transferred, union-busting is prevented by the labor code under “successor rights provisions,” which ensure that a collective agreement remains in tact and workers keep their jobs during the transition. But when a unionized subcontractor loses a contract, as with the aforementioned situation, these protections do not apply. So, the union is forced to weigh their options, which may include filing an unfair labour practice complaint with the Industrial Relations Board against Canada Post.