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Orchestra London Musicians Perform Amid Shut-Down

Orchestra London in Ontario has ceased operations for at least the remainder of the 2014-2015 season, yet musicians are working closely with the board of directors to find a way to keep the organization running. The dedicated musicians have performed more than 20 free pop-up concerts, family concerts, church performances, and more, to show commitment to their orchestra and their community.

Orchestra London amassed a large deficit after the second installment of a $1 million pledge did not come through last summer. The anonymous donor stated that they would instead give their money toward a new concert hall. In December, Orchestra London announced that it no longer had the resources to continue to operate. The orchestra’s musicians and unionized stagehands have denounced Executive Director Joe Swan’s leadership and called for his resignation.

The Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians (OCSM) has issued a Call to Action for support of Orchestra London’s musicians. Checks may be made out to Orchestra London Players Association (OLPA) and mailed to: 16 Bloomfield Drive, London, ON, N6G 1P3, Canada.