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Little Lyra

LyraThe Lyra family of USB audio interfaces offer affordable Prism Sound, including no compromise analogue front and back ends and fully-balanced architecture throughout, in a small footprint. Using a USB2 interface, Lyra offers up to four monitoring outputs, digital inputs and outputs as stereo AES3 or S/PDIF or up to eight channels of digital I/O on the ADAT optical format, plus stereo headphones. The built-in digital mixer can be configured from a host computer. Available in two models, both with two A/D analogue input channels and two balanced line inputs on TRS jack, Lyra 1 features one microphone XLR input, one high-impedance front panel instrument input, and two D/A analogue output channels. Lyra 2 features two microphone XLR inputs, two high-impedance front panel instrument inputs, and four D/A analogue line output channels.