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Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Musicians Reach Agreement on Wages

The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra (HSO) and Local 269 (Harrisburg, PA) have agreed that the 77 musicians of the HSO will be paid 60% of their customary wages for 2020-21. Additionally, those musicians who perform in-person productions in Harrisburg will receive their per service rates, travel per diem, and single room accommodation over and above the 60% already provided. The HSO Board of Directors, music director, and management also readily agreed to suggested safety protocol, including shortened service times, masks provided for musicians, and plans for recommended distancing between musicians on stage. 

This agreement allows HSO to take advantage of the IMA Side Letter for 2020-21, and they plan to use the free streaming allowed to create several productions for their ticket holders, donors, and community. “HSO has always shown respect for their musicians, and their care for our well-being and health during this time is greatly appreciated,” says violist, Marjorie Goldberg.