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Announcing the New Term of the Local Limited Pressing Agreement

by Maria Warner-Dowrich, Contract Administrator AFM Electronic Media Services Division

Local officers have been notified of a pension contribution increase, as well as the effective dates of the current Limited Pressing Agreement (LPA). Its term—February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2020—runs concurrently with the Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA). The pension fund contribution rate of 12.81% of original wages became effective July 3, 2017. 

Note: edited versions of the LPA will not be accepted. This agreement is for non-symphonic recordings only.

Copies of the LPA kit, along with a detailed letter outlining each document and its usage were emailed to all local officers.

The Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD), under the direction of Pat Varriale, and consistent with AFM International Executive Board mandate, correlated the necessary documents and created the LPA kit, which comprises the following documents:

Limited Pressing Agreement (LPA)

Guidelines for establishing an LPA

Addendum A to be filled in by the local utilizing the agreement. When properly completed, it may be used as a master. It must always be utilized in combination with an LPA in signing a company to the agreement.

Addendum B sets forth the provisions for recordings not eligible for Tony Awards.

Prior to the engagement, the original LPA must be signed by an authorized representative of the company and a local officer.

If you haven’t already done so, please forward an updated copy of your local’s current effective LPA to the AFM office. The B-9 report is the proper form to be utilized and filed with the Federation. It can be found in the Members section of the AFM.org website in the Document Library.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EMSD office at (212) 869-1330 X234 or X233 or email: pvarriale@afm.org. or mwarner-dowrich@afm.org.

For Canadian members, there is an LPA with some variations. Please contact AFM Canada Electronic Media Supervisor Daniel Calabrese at (416) 391-5161 X224 for details.

For Symphonic Limited Pressings, please contact AFM Director of Symphonic Electronic Media Deborah Newmark at email: dnewmark@afm.org or (212) 869-1330 x225.