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Labor Groups Oppose ISDS in Trade Agreements

The AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC) have reaffirmed their opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and Fast Track legislation that allows no amendments and limited debate on trade deals.

Among the provisions of the trade deals, the unions find investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) especially egregious. ISDS essentially allows foreign property owners to skip domestic courts and administrative procedures in seeking taxpayer reimbursement for losses to expected profits from laws, regulations, administrative decisions, and other government measures. They can instead sue the host country through a panel of private “arbitrators.” Labor groups contend that such extreme rights to challenge democracy are not good for domestic business, citizens, nor the rule of law. The AFL-CIO and CLC say they “will not cease in our efforts to promote good jobs, raising wages, strong social safety nets, state-of-the-art public services and infrastructure, and an end to corporate power grabs like ISDS in all pending trade and investment agreements.”

For more information about Fast Track in trade deals and why groups oppose it visit: www.stopfasttrack.com. To sign a petition to tell Congress to oppose Fast Track visit: www.nofasttrack.com.


fair-play-fair-payOn April 13, AFM President Ray Hair; AFM International Executive Board member (IEB) and Local 257 President (Nashville, TN) David Pomeroy; IEB and Local 802 (New York City) President Tino Gagliardi; the musicFIRST Coalition; record labels; and other members of the music community to support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015, introduced by representatives Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Marsh Blackburn (R-TN). This monumental legislation would finally ensure that musicians are compensated fairly when their music is played on any radio platform—Internet, satellite, or traditional AM/FM.

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