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Jazz Superheroes: Billie Holiday and Lester Young

Jazz SuperheroesJazz musicians are real American heroes, but their true stories are rarely told. Find out how they created an original American art form while battling discrimination, poverty, violence, even defying death. This series of books is a salute to these heroes. The first two books in the series are Billie Holiday: Lady Day and Lester Young: Prez. Holiday believed in telling the truth through her music. At age 24, her haunting song “Strange Fruit” shocked conservative America and defined her as a talented singer and social activist. Lester Young has been called the most mysterious and influential jazz musician of all time, paving the way for contemporary bebop and avant-garde styles.

Jazz Superheroes, Billie Holiday: Lady Day and Lester Young: Prez,
by Eve Zanni of Local 802 (New York City), www.evezanni.com.