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New Internet Streaming Promotion Agreement Approved

The AFM International Executive Board has approved a new agreement known as the Internet Streaming Promotion Agreement. Please log onto the AFM.org website (www.afm.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Internet-Streaming-Agreement.pdf) to view a copy of the agreement.

This agreement will enable signatories to a local’s Single Engagement Contract to tape 30 minutes of a performance and utilize up to three minutes of that taping on social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) for the purpose of promoting live engagements by the same signatory. The intent of having this agreement available is to increase the number of union engagements within a local’s jurisdiction.

This agreement is not available to symphony, opera, or ballet orchestras or chamber groups that have collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). The new Internet Streaming Promotion Agreement is not available to producers of theatrical shows.
Orchestras with Internet projects should contact the Symphonic Services Division for pertinent information. The agreement may be utilized by those orchestras that file single engagement contracts with their local union.

For any questions regarding this agreement, please contact either AFM Electronic Media Services Division Director Pat Varriale at (917) 229-0234, pvarriale@afm.org or AFM Symphonic Electronic Media Director Debbie Newmark at (917) 229-0225, or email dnewmark@afm.org.