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Workers Suffer as Government Shutdown Continues

Furloughed government workers face increased difficulties as the longest government shutdown in US history continues. National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Attorney Gregory O’Duden is representing around 150,000 people, among the 400,000 who have been deemed “expected,” meaning they are required to work without pay. They wanted the law compelling them to work deemed unconstitutional. US District Judge Richard J. Leon denied the request for a restraining order that would compel the government to pay its employees or allow them to stay home, saying the shutdown is a “political problem.”

Approximately 800,000 government workers have been impacted by the shutdown. At this writing, most have already missed at least one pay check. Many are seeking assistance from food banks, filing for unemployment benefits, and taking second jobs. Some fear losing their homes, going into debt, and being unable to support their families.