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North Carolina Symphony Begins Three-Year Music Education Residency

Building on the success of its recently completed three-year music education residency in North Carolina’s Sampson County, the North Carolina Symphony (NCS) began a new three-year residency in nearby Jones County in November. NCS’s aim is to play its part by building community through live music performances and educational activities.

The residency began with NCS’s first-ever education concert in Jones County, held in the district’s new K-12 school. Additional programs over the coming three years include 12 interactive chamber music performances for elementary school students, 12 music and literacy programs for preschoolers, an Instrument Zoo to support sixth grade band recruitment, master classes with NCS musicians for middle and high schoolers, a side-by-side community concert with students, and a community chamber music concert.

North Carolina Symphony musicians are members of Local 500 (Raleigh, NC).