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classical guitar album

Classical Guitar Album: New and well-known pieces (Volumes 1, 2, and 3)

classical guitar album

Paul Coles’ three-volume Classical Guitar Album offers nearly 100 varied pieces of increasing difficulty. His works are designed for the developing musician but include commissioned works performed and premiered by some of the world’s leading guitarists. He draws on Baroque, contemporary, and classical Spanish influences.

Volume 1 contains 43 preparatory pieces and includes well-known melodies for the beginning guitarist in accessible keys (1-2). Volume 2 has 28 original pieces, which take the player to the next level (2-3). Volume 3 includes 28 pieces written for the middle-grade guitarist, advancing in keys 3-4.

Classical Guitar Album: New and well-known pieces, by Paul Coles, Universal Edition, www.universaledition.com