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Canada Post Employees March on Trudeau’s Montreal Office

Hundreds of unionized postal workers and their supports, some bused in from Ottawa and Quebec City, marched at the Montreal office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to call attention to the lack of progress in negotiations. The Canadian Union of Postal workers is hoping to the Liberal government will pressure Canada Post to negotiate in good faith.

Though Canada Post withdrew its threat of a worker lockout in July, talks are stalled on key issues. Canada Post wants to bring the pension plan more in line with the private sector, under a defined contribution plan, which reduces company costs and provides no guaranteed set retirement.     

The union would like to change how suburban and rural carriers are paid, to bring their pay more in line with urban letter carriers. Currently, suburban carriers, who are 70% women, are paid by how many packages they deliver, while their male urban counterparts are paid by the hour and earn about 28% more.

The two sides have been negotiating since 2015.