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Boston Musicians Association Achieves Five-Year CBA

The Boston Landmarks Orchestra voted by an overwhelming majority to ratify a first CBA with the Boston Musicians Association (BMA), Local 9-535 (Boston, MA). Informal talks and formal negotiations spanned over four years and included a stipulation by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to bargain.

Negotiations were challenging, but with the help of the Federal Mediation and Conciliatory Services (FMCS) and a tremendous amount of work from the BMA member bargaining committee—Chair Ken Stalberg, Hans Bohn, Kevin Green, Nancy Hudgins and Bob Lynam—the BMA and the Boston Landmarks Orchestra came to a five-year agreement. Among other standard AFM provisions, the agreement names a tenured roster protected by solid non-renewal and appeals processes, and includes solid annual wage increases.

Boston Landmarks Orchestra Votes to Unionize

In a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election, Boston Landmarks Orchestra musicians voted 41 to 5 for Local 9-535 (Boston, MA) to represent them as they organize and negotiate their first collective bargaining agreement (CBA). With a unique mission to provide free music for all, the 15-year-old Boston Landmarks Orchestra performs a series of concerts on Boston’s famous Esplanade along the Charles River. Repertoire includes commissioned pieces from composers who live in Boston’s various neighborhoods, as well as standard orchestral classics.

“The CBA is integral in supporting the ongoing dialog between players and management as that relationship continues to grow, helping to develop a strong team to work in today’s difficult economy,” says Hans Bohn, a trombonist and member of the Organizing Committee. “For the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, creating a CBA is crucial to business and artistic growth, and will only help in taking this exciting organization to a stronger position in the Boston arts scene.”

Violist and committee member Donna Jerome adds, “I think moving forward with formulating a CBA with Boston Landmarks Orchestra is a step toward offering the musicians tenure, stability, and fair representation in all aspects of the orchestra’s operations.”