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The Complete Guide to Connecting Audio, Video, and MIDI Equipment

BR-The-Complete-Guide-to-Connecting-AudioCorrect audio, video, and MIDI connections are crucial, especially with the wide range of hardware and software options available today. This step-by-step guide reveals the best ways to correctly connect studio equipment with more than 30 diagrams applicable for home, professional, post-production, and more. It makes it simple to understand connection considerations and technical requirements for all types of studio set-ups

The Complete Guide to Connecting Audio, Video, and MIDI Equipment: Get the Most out of Your Digital, Analog, and Electronic Music Setups, by José “Chilitos” Valenzuela, Hal Leonard Corporation,

The Ocean Way Audio HR4

The Ocean Way Audio HR4

Ocean-Way-HR4CThe Ocean Way Audio HR4 is an accurate, wide-dynamic range monitor speaker. Its console top, 25.5-inch-wide design features integrated two-way dual-horn directivity control, delivering a stunning 100 x 40-degree dispersion pattern over a wide audio range. Its massive horizontal “sweet-spot” delivers a consistent stereo image, even to the far corners of a room. For those who wish to achieve higher SPL, there’s a three-way version with dual 12-inch sub-bass cabinets with entitled HR4S delivering 25 Hz to 25 kHz at 118 db.


Galaxy Audio GPS-8

CT Galaxy Audio GPS-8The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 personal monitor and PA system packs a huge sound while remaining compact and versatile. The 200-watt, two-way, compact PA speaker with eight-inch woofer and one-inch compression driver has a frequency response of 75 Hz to 17.5 MHz, and includes a Bass Boost feature to enhance the low end. The unique shape allows for wedge placement or pole mounting. Additional units can be linked via XLR-M pass-through jack. It also includes built-in limiter, universal power supply, carry handle, and lightweight but durable housing.