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Special Auction to Benefit Musicians

Tarisio, the leading international auction venue for fine instruments and bows, has launched GiveBack — a special benefit auction with all commissions donated to musicians around the world who have been affected by COVID-19. The commissions from this sale, which are expected to exceed $100,000, will be divided into $600 grants and awarded on a lottery basis. Any musician, anywhere in the world is welcome to apply.

“As we navigate these unprecedented times, supporting our communities is essential. Musicians around the world are our community, our clients and most importantly, our friends. Orchestras have been furloughed, contracts have been canceled, freelancers are left without work. We will do what we can to help,” the company stated in a press release.

The auction will be unique in that it will feature 10-20 exceptional instruments by known, collectible makers. Already committed to the sale are instruments by Fagnola, Bisiach, and Capicchioni. Tarisio will be announcing highlights leading up to the sale going.

The catalog will be posted online on April 15 and the auction will end on May 1.

 The deadline for applications is April 25. The grants will be awarded on May 7 and disbursed on May 31. 

Anyone who would like to participate, contribute, or take a virtual viewing, contact Tarisio at info@tarisio.com.

Learn more about the sale and apply for a grant here: https://tarisio.com/giveback/