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US Postal Service Aids Puerto Ricans

In the weeks following Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico, the most reliable system of communication was the US Postal Service.

Within three weeks, 99 out of 128 post offices were delivering mail, some of them operating out of make-shift tents. Aside from delivering mail to 3.4 million people, they were providing the valuable service of informing the Federal Emergency Management Agency about sick and elderly residents in remote areas that needed medical attention.

Truckers Ready to Aid Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Major labor unions in the US are organizing truck drivers to help with Puerto Rico relief efforts following Hurricane Maria. The Teamsters union and other AFL-CIO unions are working to recruit truckers to travel to Puerto Rico to help distribute a stockpile of relief supplies sitting at the Port of San Juan. The piling up of relief supplies is caused by a lack of Puerto Rican truck drivers, as only 20% have returned to work following the hurricane. The problem is exacerbated by the shortage of diesel fuel and blocked roadways due to hurricane debris and damage.