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25 Great Trumpet Solos

25 GREAT TRUMPET SOLOS25 Great Trumpet Solos by musician Eric J. Morones of Local 7 (Orange County, CA) contains solo transcriptions in standard notation, lessons on how to play them, biographies of soloists, instrument information, photos, and more. It includes everyone from Bix Biederbecke and Louis Armstrong to Herb Alpert and Chuck Mangione. An accompanying CD, featuring Steve Reid, a member of Locals 47 (Los Angeles, CA) and 802 (New York City) contains full-band demo tracks and accompaniment-only tracks for every trumpet solo in the book. Amazing Slow Downer software lets you adjust the recording tempo without changing pitch.

25 Great Trumpet Solos, by Eric J. Morones, featuring Steve Reid, www.halleonard.com