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TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses

TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses [1]Yamaha four-string TRBX604FM and five-string TRBX605FM basses bring the elegance of intricately finished flame tops and matching headstock veneers to TRBX series’ comfort-contoured mahogany body, bolt-on five-piece maple/mahogany necks, and premium electronics. Able to deliver the right tone for every music style, custom Yamaha H series pickups use four Alnico V pole pieces per string for wide frequency response and noise-free operation. The TRBX604(5) onboard electronics allow players to take full advantage of the pickup’s range with easy-to-use balance control and three-band active/passive EQ. Retail prices range from $970 to $1,070.

www.yamaha.com [2]