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PG ALTA Microphones

PG ALTA Microphones

Adaptable Altas

PG ALTA MicrophonesShure’s new line of PG ALTA microphones offer professional sound at a budget-conscious price. There are 14 new products available, including several added value microphone kits. PGA Studio Kit 4, priced under $300, includes two versatile PGA181 ($99 individually) side-address condenser microphones suited for use with acoustic and amplified instruments, and vocals; one PGA52 ($119 individually) drum microphone, and one PGA57 ($59 individually) instrument microphone, plus four XLR-XLR cables, all in a protective carrying case.


Samson C01U Pro

Samson C01U Pro USB Studio CondenserMicrophone

Samson C01U ProThe Samson C01 capsule is one of the best mics for the money. Now, that great capsule is tucked inside the beautifully designed Samson C01U Pro USB studio condenser microphone, a perfect all-in-one solution for musicians and broadcasters alike. It’s great for quick demos, audio for Youtube videos, voice-overs, and podcasts. No other interface is required—just plug it into your Mac, PC, or iPad USB port and this large diaphragm condenser mic is ready to go. It even has a 1/8-inch jack on the front for headphones.