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Second Annual MPTF Scholarships Awarded


Music Performance Trust Fund

The Recording Industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) has announced the recipients of the 2021 Music Family Scholarships. The 101 winners will share over $100,000 in awards for their editorial reflections on the unity and inclusivity live music brings to their communities across North America.

The MPTF established this scholarship during a time of great challenge and change to encourage the children of professional musicians, and even the musicians themselves, to pursue higher education and become leaders in their chosen fields. Applicants were encouraged to write an essay describing the impact live music has on their community.

“This year we read stories of the power of live music and the unifying nature of community events, especially after a drought of gatherings,” says Natty Hepburn, manager of marketing services at MPTF. “Our finalists expressed the unique ability and inclusivity that admission-free, live music brings to communities throughout North America.”

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Congratulations to the AFM locals representing the winners and for sharing this initiative with their members.

Local 1 (Cincinnati, OH)—Adam Sella,Tamar Sella

Local 2-197 Saint Louis, MO)—Abby Gottfried, Elise Thierbach, Jay Lipsutz, Josephine Kopff, Rachel McCormick

Local 4 (Cleveland, OH)—David Verhage, Garret Paciorek, Julia Patterson

Local 5 (Detroit, MI)—Trinity Lee

Local 6 (San Francisco, CA)—Amanda Butler, Eric Pearce, Jason Nemerovski, Kristy Chu

Local 7 (Orange County, CA)—Kyle McGee

Local 9-535 (Boston, MA)—Abigal Bohn, Adelaide Braunhill, Amanda Michel, Anna Buswell, Jason Amis, Jonah Covell, Katherine Stirling-Ellis, Leigh Wilson, Liat Rimoni

Local 10-208 (Chicago, IL)—Alyson Rea, Aria Beert, Claire Arias-Kim, Csilla Moran, Gabriela Benyas, Ida Claude, Isabella de la Cerna, James Lekas, Janelle Finton, Kayla Rea, Laurel Bauman, Liam Dee, Sophie Lekas

Local 11-637 (Louisville, KY)—Luke Schroeder, Martin Sanders-Whiteley

Local 14 (Albany, NY)—Laura Van Voris

Local 20-623 (Denver, CO)—Henry Friedman

Local 23 (San Antonio, TX)—Julia Gignac, Talia Delambre

Local 30-73 (St.Paul-Minneapolis, MN)—Ella Erdahl

Local 40-543 (Baltimore, MD)—Anya Vaughn, Grace Carney, Maya Shah

Local 47 (Los Angeles, CA)—Brian Saranec, Elizabeth Chavez, Elizabeth Chavez, Isabel Petty

Local 56 (Grand Rapids, MI)—Natosha Spears

Local 58 (Fort Wayne, IN)—Maria Carrillo

Local 60-471 (Pittsburgh, PA)—Sophie Lauver

Local 65-699 (Houston, TX)—Angela Goodearl

Local 72-147 (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)—Colin Hillard, Mila Fisher, Sarah Mortenson, Will Bawcombe-Schast

Local 77 (Philadelphia, PA)—Beatrice Chen, Noah Chen

Local 78 (Syracuse, NY)—Marissa DiGennaro

Local 92 (Buffalo, NY)—Benjamin Mekinulov, Jada Mahfoud, John Hasselback III

Local 94 (Tulsa, OK)—Regan Jones

Local 99 (Portland, OR)—Beatrice Byrd, Chrysanthe Belgique, Genevieve Belgique, Naomi Byrd

Local 145 (Vancouver, BC)—Jordana Goddard, Rita Mckenzie

Local 148-462 (Atlanta, GA)—Sofia Hart

Local 149 (Toronto, ON)—Anna-Maria Moubayed

Local 161-710 (Washington, DC)—Nicholas D’Imperio

Local 190 (Winnipeg, MB)—Elena Howard-Scott, Elly Hooker

Local 247 (Victoria, BC)—Cossette Mangas, Victor Mangas

Local 257 (Nashville, TN)—Christina Ferrari

Local 293 (Hamilton, ON)—Elinor Brown, Eric Boardman

Local 362-691 (Huntington, WV)—Ana Cecília Alves

Local 389 (Orlando, FL)—Julia Reparip

Local 390 (Edmonton, AB)—Alexa Cable, Mark Vaasjo

Local 406 (Montreal, PQ)—Emmanuel Bégin

Local 427-721 (Tampa Bay, FL)—Mercedes Traba

Local 463 (Lincoln, NE)—Larisa Myers

Local 506 (Kingston, ON)—Lauren Craner

Local 542 (Flint, MI)—Tarot Denger

Local 547 (Calgary, AB)—Brianna Jones, Jemma Jones, Welsey O’Brien

Local 580 (Clarksburg, WV)—Kevin Romano

Local 677 (Honolulu, HI)—Sophia Stark

Local 802 (New York City)—Gabriel Roth, Maxine Danni, Mikaili Ector, Skya Rubin, Zack Danni