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San Francisco Symphony Sees Raises in New Contract

In mid-November, musicians of the San Francisco Symphony approved a new four-year CBA ahead of schedule. The contract maintains the symphony’s position as one of the top paid orchestras in the US. Weekly base salary, previously $3,200, increases to $3,263 under the new agreement. Base salary will increase again to $3,570 in the final six months of the contract.

Among other changes, musicians will share in contributing to health insurance premiums beginning in the second year of the contract, retirement benefits will increase, and the symphony will transition from a housing loan program to a housing shared equity program. Management has characterized the contract as an investment in the future of the symphony.

The San Francisco Symphony musicians are “pleased to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement that reaffirms our place among the top orchestras of the world,” says David Gaudry of Local 6 [1] (San Francisco, CA), chair of the Musicians’ Negotiating Committee.