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The International Musician Survey Results Are In!

  -  AFM International Secretary-Treasurer

The International Musician survey results are in. A total of 4,254 individuals completed the survey and much was learned from those who participated. Below is some general information about those responding and their IM reading habits.

IM Survey Statistics

International Musician Survey Results

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    • Almost every local has members who responded (174 locals responded; 13 locals had no members respond).
    • Respondents overwhelmingly work as full-time, professional musicians, but some are students or retired. (78% of respondents identify as professional musicians, 13% identify as retired, 6% as amateur, and 2% as students)
    • Respondents, like our membership, work everywhere there is music. Approximately half identify as freelancers. In the past year, 51% have primarily worked as freelancers, 21% in symphonies, 11% in teaching, 5% in recording, 4% in theaters, and 8% have not worked as a musician. (See genre chart at right for more specific information.)
    • 89% of respondents regularly read the magazine. (At least every two or three months)
    • Most International Musician respondents read half or more of the magazine. (54% of those reading IM every two to three months)
    • Most respondents (73%) would prefer to read International Musician in print, if they had to choose between print or online versions.
    • Overwhelmingly, International Musician respondents rated the magazine good or excellent. Content (79%), cover (84%), ease of reading (82%), layout and design (77%), and writing (76%) were rated “good” or “excellent.”
    • Musicians are always looking for their next gig and most never miss reading the audition ads, but the majority of International Musician respondents enjoy [most] all the sections. Every section was rated “very much enjoy, always read” or “enjoy, read occasionally” by a majority—54% to 89%. (See table on right for section details.)
    • Cover stories are the most popular content. (89% “very much enjoy, always read” or “enjoy, read occasionally”)
  • But not everyone loves everything. Some respondents would like more content about the genres they work in and/or less content about genres they are not involved in. That’s why we are always sure to represent the diversity of our membership and cover a variety of musicians and genres.

International Musician Suggestions from Survey Respondents

International Musician Survey Results

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• More practical career advice

• More content that features “regular” working musicians

• Less procedural, bureaucratic, and organizational detail (This was the most common area respondents did not care for or wanted to see less of in International Musician.

[Publisher’s Note: As the IM is the official journal of the AFM, publishing new rules or regulations, notices, agreements, etc. is a necessary and vital function of the IM.]

• Travel and touring content

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. It is our desire to make the IM as relevant and interesting to our readers as possible. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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